Not everyone loves a good hike or appreciates a well done photo, and I was one of those people. I always liked the outdoors and liked taking pictures here and there but it wasn't until my family got our first Canon DSLR that I fell in love with beauty of all sorts. Developing an eye for a captivating photo allows you to begin to appreciate the little things. As time progressed that butterfly feeling from a good photo of a waterfall or a snowy mountain turned into a passion to express that feeling in some way. I began to bring friends with me to explore BC and experience the joy of the outdoors and getting a good photo or two.








        Although this was fun, I wanted to share this feeling with more people. And so! I got to designing. Designing shirts, toques, sweaters and things that reflected what I felt when my friends and I explored. Truly they are designs that are inspired by adventures, for adventurers; and from this inspiration, Jaunt Goods and Clothing was born.


A guy with a passion to see more and create more.


FALL '17

Behind the Brand
Made in Canada
Bucket List
Our Mission

     We seriously value providing great quality products with top notch attention to detail and because of this do nearly everything in house in Canada! We screen print each of our designs by hand and sew all labels and tags in house. We believe that being able to have confidence in each of our products we ship not only makes us happy but keeps you all warm and in the outdoors for longer!

     Growing up in British Columbia truly spoiled us as we can think of a handful of more beautiful places than we have right in our backyard! But! If we had to choose, our bucket list of travel spots would be:

  • Yosemite National Park (duh!),

  • Kulusuk, Denmark, and

  • Waitomo Caves, NZ (Google it!)

A little closer to home would be:

  • Lake Minnewanka, Banff AB

  • Whistler, BC

  • Yoho National Park, BC

  • Haida Gwaii, BC

A few of these we've done already but are so spectacular they still make the list!

     The whole mission of why we do what we do is so that we can inspire people to get outside and make memories. We want to inspire people to be adventurers, to take life in their own hands and break the daily routine. We want to inspire people to be spontaneous and see what the world has to offer whether that's through doing a day trip for a quick hike or planning a 2 month excursion exploring national parks. Whatever it is, we hope to play a small part in getting you motivated to do more.

     All of our clothes are designed to give a feeling of excitement and make you think, "When's my next adventure?" Get planning and #JauntOn!

      You know that feeling when you just cannot wait for the next adventure? That's what we feel all the time! We just cannot get our minds off of our next road trip, our next forest hike, our next mountain range to conquer.